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国際学会English ポスター発表

C.S.Langham (著)

医歯薬出版 株式会社

128 頁  (2013年8月)

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リリース日: 2019年05月03日

医科・歯科・理工など,すべての学会で役に立つ! 国際学会で“ポスター発表”を成功させるためのマニュアル本.

近年の国際学会でポピュラーになっているポスター発表(Poster Previews,Poster Overviews)について,実例を取り上げながらキーセンテンス等を掲載.大事なポイントは日本語で解説.

国際学会English 挨拶・口演・発表・質問・座長進行
国際学会English スピーキング・エクササイズ 口演・発表・応答 [音声付き]
国際論文English 査読・執筆ハンドブック
国際論文English 投稿ハンドブック カバーレター作成・査読コメントへの返答


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国際学会での英語発表,英語プレゼンテーションに役に立つと評判の『国際学会English』シリーズ 第3弾!

◆近年の国際学会でポピュラーになっているポスター発表(Poster Previews,Poster Overviews)について,それぞれ実例を取り上げながらキーセンテンス等を掲載.大事なポイントは日本語で解説しています.





Poster presentations are a good way of introducing research results to small groups of people in an informal atmosphere.The discussion phase gives presenters opportunities to get feedback on their data and network with visitors.

When planning a poster,presenters will be concerned about the following:layout,balance between text and visuals,amount of information,types of visuals to present data,title and subheadings,color,font size,and accessibility.All of these are important,but one crucial factor is missing: the English needed to present and discuss the poster.This is where presenters have problems.Having spent time and effort making a poster,the importance of a clear and concise supporting explanation is frequently overlooked.Many presenters simply read directly from the poster or a script,neither of which are attractive ways of presenting. This book introduces the English that presenters need in order to give a clear and concise summary of their research and discuss the contents of their poster.Two examples of poster previews and two poster presentation overviews with key sentences and notes on usage are introduced.There are four sections entitled Poster Notes,which introduce advice on how to improve your poster presentation.

Additionally,there are sections on making contact with visitors,explaining your background and research and how to stay in control of a poster discussion.Finally,there are short sections on poster chairperson English and presenting and receiving awards.




Part1 Poster Previews

Poster Preview:Example 1

Poster Preview:Example 2

Quick Guide 1:Poster Previews

Part2 Poster Overviews

Poster Overview:Example 1

Poster Overview:Example 2

Quick Guide 2:Poster Overviews

Finishing your poster overview

Part3 How to make contact with visitors to your poster

1 Start with a greeting

2 Ask visitors if they would like a handout

3 Find out about your visitors

4 Offer to give a short overview

5 Invite questions at any time during your overview

6 Ask visitors if they have a specific question

7 Ask visitors if they need a more detailed explanation

8 Check that visitors understood your explanation

9 Offer to give visitors your contact details

10 Ask visitors for their contact details

11 Finish by thanking your visitors

Part4 Explaining your background and research

Part5 How to stay in control of a poster discussion

1 Simplify your data or explanation to help people understand

2 Repair communication breakdown

3 Deal with a question you cannot answer

4 Deal with a question outside your field

5 Correcting someone who misunderstood your data

6 Introduce data that is the opposite of what a member of the audience is suggesting

7 Avoid a problem by agreeing with someone and then giving your own opinion

8 Explain something by going back to information you already presented

9 Explain something by moving forward to information not yet presented

10 Add information to explain something more fully

11 Respond quickly to a question by giving an estimate

12 Refer to your future research plans

13 Confirm the topic of a question

14 Emphasize the main points to help people understand

15 Answer a question by repeating something you already mentioned

16 Explain a technical term

17 Return to the original question if the discussion gets off the point

18 Returning to the main point

19 What to say when visitors arrive in the middle of an overview or discussion

20 Skip detailed information

21 Deal with a request for a paper

22 Check that visitors understand your answer

23 How to handle a question that is long or difficult to understand

24 Deal with a question that is not clear or difficult to understand

25 Clarify what you have said

26 Give examples to support your explanation

27 Acknowledge a point made by a visitor that may conflict with what you have said

Part6 Poster Chairperson English

Part7 Awards

Presenting an award for the best poster at a conference

Receiving an award:a short speech of acceptance

Poster Notes

I Too much detail can be a problem

II What is the take-home message?

III Academic written English and spoken English

IV How does a visitor interact with your poster?




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